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Creating a connection with your customers through a differentiated experience

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Trustworthy, polite, friendly, helpful are all words that come to mind when we think of great customer service; the kind of service that not only brings us back, but turns us into promoters of a business. When we are loyal to an organization, we develop an emotional connection that drives a number of known economic benefits. We know that loyal customers buy more, are less price sensitive, cost less to serve and serve as ambassadors for your business...to name just a few benefits.

While providing a great customer experience is a goal of most business leaders, the reality is quite a different matter. Study after study has confirmed a significant difference between the experience an organization wants to provide and the one their customers say they receive.

While providing an experience that will generate an emotional connection is a noble goal, it is one that takes commitment and hard work across the organization. It takes a carefully constructed plan that is executed at all levels, in a disciplined way - every time.

At 360 Degrees Management Consulting, we will work with each client to develop and implement a customized customer experience program that will generate profitable customer loyalty. By helping our clients put together the critical elements of a plan that will drive a cultural transformation and create a differentiated experience, we will drive bottom-line profitability:

  1. Increased sales - improved customer retention, new customer acquisition through reputation and referrals, and an enhanced value package.

  2. Reduced costs - lower cost to acquire new customers, lower marketing costs, lower employee turnover costs (recruitment and training), and reduced costs to serve existing customers.

  3. Improved employee engagement - increased participation of employees, promotion from within, more successful employees.

  4. Increased productivity - improved workflow, reduction of non-value added work, better alignment of work performed to organizational goals, more experienced employees.

Good intentions alone do not constitute a plan of action. Sustainable improvement in the employee - customer interaction requires disciplined local action coupled with a company wide commitment to changing how employees are recruited, positioned in roles, rewarded and recognized, and importantly, how they are managed.



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